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Services  Medical Waste - Houston provides reasonably priced medical waste disposal, sharps container disposal, bio-hazard disposal, regulated waste disposal, laboratory disposal, and crime scene waste...  Read More >>  

Pricing Medical Waste provides Houston Medical Community with reasonable, flat-rate pricing for medical waste disposal & sharps disposal with no hidden surcharges or fees.  For a free quote call toll-free 855-325-3995.  Operating our own treatment facility allows us to offer better pricing...  Read More >>
Compliance Medical Waste - Houston is licensed, insured and compliant with TCEQ & OSHA regulateons.  The Medical Waste disposal staff serving Houston is fully trained to handle and transport medical waste & medical sharps in compliance with all Federal State and local regulations.  Complete documentation, manifests & tracking are... Read More >>

Treatment Facility Reduce the liability associated with the transport, processing & disposal of your Houston medical waste with Medical Waste, LLC.  Medical Waste operates a new, state-of-the-art, Type V medical waste processing facility thereby eliminating the liability associated with transferring your regulated waste to an...  Read More >>   

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